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Are you using your analytics and insights?

If you click on Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics or Instagram Insights, you enter a portal so deep that you may lose several hours of your day trawling through all the data.

Our social media addictions are such that businesses will try ANYTHING to get our attention. If you are running one of those businesses trying to get people's attention, then you're likely not sure at all what to do with your analytics and insights. What does it all mean?

Unless you intend to work on social media in a full time capacity (which could drive you to insanity), it's best to take a step back and assess the effectiveness of your social media using a few simple steps.

1. How was my last month?

Have a look at how many followers you gained. Are they all real? (bots are real and you need to be aware of them). Have they stayed active since they started to follow you or have they simply up and deserted you since clicking 'like' or 'follow'?

2. What did I do really well?

Check out your top 5 most engaging posts. This means the ones with the most likes, comments and shares. What made people want to comment on them or like them? Why did they get shared by people? Try to replicate that behaiviour in future.

3. What do I have coming up?

What's coming up in your schedule and how can you be sure to amplify this news on your social media. Remember that not all your likers or followers will see all your posts. Posting an update once on Facebook does not guarantee that all your tribe will see it. Think about sharing your news a few times with different wording.

4. Is there something new I can try?

Our digital lives are constantly changing and it's important to remember that people's behaviours change as new technologies become available to them. Have a go at something new to see how it works for you. Don't expect anything to work instantly but do explore functionality and features of your platforms.

There you have it. A simple and clear way to use the data available to you on your social media platforms. If you'd like to dive deeper and target a specific market, give us a shout for some help. It's what we luurve!

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