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Instagram Pods - Fad or Fab?

The last 6 months has seen a growth in Instagram pods, as well as plenty of news about their exclusivity and heavy duty workload.

Not sure what an Instagram pod is? Well read on!

An instagram pod is a group (or pod) of people who join together to increase their comments and/or likes on their business' instagram accounts. Since the algorithm was updated to show content based on engagement, rather than timeline, this strategy has been used to try to beat the system.

Is it within the Instagram guidelines? Technically, it's simply a like-minded group of individuals sharing and engaging on content.

Will Instagram crack down on this? We don't know yet. Perhaps they will create their own feature to replace the behaviour. TIme will tell!

Should you join an Instagram pod? If you think that you will get the benefit from it then go ahead. Lots of them are very exclusive and you have your work cut out for you in engaging with all the content!

How are we 'beating' the Instagram algorithm? Well, truth be told, we aren't really aiming to 'beat' the algorithm. We spend a lot of time trying to create and post the best content we can, in the hope that the algorithm will help us find new people that are interested in what we do. We spend time researching hashtags. We don't post much. We probably don't post enough! But we are super busy making sure our clients' social media is as great as it can be, unfortunately that means our own comes second, or third, or tenth!

Want to give it a try for your business? Find five to ten like-minded people who want to join you, create a group message on Instagram or Facebook and start sharing your content. Then like and/or comment as you see fit.

If you're looking to improve your social media content or you don't have the time to create it yourself, get in touch and we can work on a solution that fits your budget.

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